What Makes a Great Wedding Website?

These days, more and more couples who agree to tie the knot also decide to set up a website (or wedsite) dedicated to the big day. Wedding websites can be a great way to compile important information about the event, and to share this information with all of your guests.

So, where do you start? What makes a great wedding website?


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First things first, you’ll want to say hello to your visitors and thank them for taking the time to check out your site. Let them know what they can expect from the site and how they can RSVP if they’re in a rush. Also, be sure to include a nice picture of the happy couple to warm the cockles of their hearts.

The Couple

If you are inviting guests who don’t know you both well it can be helpful to describe a little about who you are, how you met and how you got engaged. This is your chance to tell visitors how the romance blossomed and how the proposal happened, everyone will naturally want to know all about the people getting married.

The Event

One of the main reasons to create your website is to have a accurate source of information regarding your wedding day. Your guests will need to have as much information as possible so they can easily find the venues and arrive on time. You should include any times and venue addresses along with a map so that visitors can orient themselves. You may find it helpful to include an FAQ section detailing any additional special instructions or information, such as dress code etc.


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Tracking down RSVPs can be a pain, but you can make life easier for you and your guests by including an RSVP section on your website. Guests will appreciate being able to submit their RSVPs online, and you’ll have much better things to do with your time than collecting submissions by hand.


If you are to host anyone from out of town then listing a selection of hotels in the area will give your guests some options regarding where to stay. This section should include a variety of accommodation types to leave room for flexibility.

Guest Book

A guest book is a great addition to any wedding website, it works just like an online bulletin board. You can share your excitement about the big day and let your guests post their thoughts and wishes to you online. As a bonus you can also use it to update your guests with any information not included on your website.


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Gift Registry

Using your website to let everyone know where you are registered and provide a link to your account is one of the most useful services your wedding website can provide as including this information on your invitation is seen as bad form in some circles. If you already have everything on your list you could let your guests contribute to your honeymoon online.


You can get pretty creative here, include some snaps of important moments that you and your partner have shared together. A word of warning though, it’s easy to go overboard with the photos, they’re a great way of bringing some personality to your website but do try to keep in mind your visitors. Most of your guests won’t have time to spend hours looking through random shots, they’ll just want to see the best of the best.

Of course, after the event you can and should put as many photos of the big day up on your website. Everyone is going to want to see those.