Project Description

Pitch For Every Pitch.

Brioche Pasquier is a French family bakery established in 1936, specialising in traditional French bakery products.

They asked us to help them create a promotion for their Pitch product line, designed to fit in with the timing of the Russian World Cup, based around encouraging kids to participate in sport.

We were asked to create an web application which would allow customers to enter codes found inside promotional packs of Pitch, along with a penalties game which would give winning players a bonus code to add to their account.

Our Role.

Netfink produced a number of assets and solutions for this promotion.

  • Web application for code entry.
  • Instant & collectable win conditions.
  • Penalty shoot out game to win codes.
  • Five different animated characters.
  • 2,750,000 unique codes generated.
  • Eight temporary tattoo designs.
  • Day and night theme for time of day.
  • Administration system for user data.

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