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Project Description

Green Party Election 2015 A5 Leaflet.

The Green Party candidates for Milton Keynes asked us to design a leaflet for the 2015 elections.

They needed it to concisely communicate both what the Green Party were offering voters nationally and also what they were offering on a local level.

We achieved this by explicitly titling each side of the leaflet with the specific election, one side for the General Election and the other for the Local Election.

Green Party A5 Leaflet

Our Role.

Netfink researched the Green Party brand identity, using the style guidelines provided and trawling the internet for any existing promotional material that we could find.

We then took the best bits to create our exemplary design.

We even helped edit the wording slightly so that it could be arranged properly for the A5 size.


“Just, very very genuinely, these are amazing and I wish I’d asked you to do something for us sooner. These look excellent, and the wording is spot on. I’m not going to bang on about it, but they’re better than the Labour leaflets.”

Jennifer Marklew,
Candidate for Milton Keynes North
Green Party InDesign
Green Party Vote

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